Friday, June 27, 2014

Writing Past the Mountain

Hey babes,

Haven't been around for awhile, although I have a good reason why. It's just a secret.

Honestly, I do have a really good reason and exciting things are afoot. I promise. The WorldWiseWriters have been up to some really fantastic things, we are just waiting to get all our ducks in a row before we announce the ... erm ... announcement.

But until then, I thought I would muse about my current thoughts in a wordy fashion ... since this is what I do it should be interesting.

I call it: Writing Past the Mountain. 

Seriously ... try writing past THIS guy.
 Although GoT jokes aside, I am talking about a serious thing. At least for me. I have two ongoing projects right now (plus at least 2 other short stories that want to grow up into full length books). Yet while my brain may be filled with wonderful ideas, my fingers don't seem to want to write out the words.

I've spent more than a few frustrated hours in front of my computer lately, desperately trying to write a bare minimum of 100 words. Fact: 100 words is nothing. And usually I'll write more than that minimum 100. But the next day I find myself despairing and ...

Delete ... delete ... delete.
Eventually, the word count grows. Slowly and painfully. For me, I've come to realize this is part of the process. And what I mean by writing past the mountain. Some people like to start their book in media res. Car chases, dramatic deaths, some kind of awesome action to catch the reader right from the start. I'm more of a slow build up, hinting at the tension, dropping hints here and there, until like a snow ball rolling out of control, the action really gets going.

While I'm happy with this style of writing, unfortunately it can be a bit tricky. Before I can race down the mountain with scene after scene of (hopefully) exciting action, I have to summit the heights first. And sometimes this seems to take a bazillion million years of eternal solitude forever.

So, both Fractured Time and Gods' Hollow are started. But I still haven't gotten over the mountain and its a bit of a struggle.

 I know I will get there. Its just a matter of patience. Not really my area of expertise. But have faith in me, dear readers. October is getting closer and closer, but it's still the month I have my fingers crossed for FT's release date. Until then, wish me luck on my struggle up the mountain.

And maybe I'll even beat my deadline, eh?

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  1. Well, I'm looking forward to whatever you can give us :-) I love your words!