Monday, March 24, 2014

The Time Weaver

Hey boys and girls, do I have a treat for you!

One of the author's I've been fortunate enough to come in contact with is doing a special promotion on his book, y'all. For the next four days, you can purchase the TIME WEAVER, the first book in the Time Weaver Chronicles, for only $0.99! You guys, that's like the change you find in your sofa cushions. Or in your car glove box. So go rummage around and buy yourself a little treat. Plus it doesn't hurt that you will be helping out a fantastic author as well.

What's that you say? You're super excited and would like to know more? Well, why did you say so, silly? Here's a little teaser:

A reluctant hero comes to terms with a new world, new powers, and a family history buried deep in the folds of time.

Seth Alkirk is a 30-year-old programmer who doesn't know he can control time. Problem is, others do. When he's kidnapped from his quiet Iowa life and taken to the parallel world of Galadir, Seth thinks he's in a dream from which he can't wake.

His kidnapper, the warrior Malia, needs his help. Her kingdom is in danger from an evil wizard who will stop at nothing to exact revenge on those who exiled him. Seth needs her protection. The same wizard is after Seth's powers, knowing they will grant the advantage he needs to conquer Malia's kingdom. Seth and Malia must work together as they travel hundreds of miles to reach the safety of her castle.

Learning to accept and control his powers is the hardest thing Seth has ever had to do, but the longer he spends in Galadir, the more he grows to love this new world and the female warrior accompanying him. When a much more ancient and dangerous wizard awakens and threatens to destroy Galadir, Seth is the key to defeating him. Now he must save a world he never knew existed with magic he never knew he could wield, if only he could learn to control it in time.

Now how exciting does that sound? I'll make it so super easy for you. Just clicky the linky, and I'll love you forever! Buy The Time Weaver and start the adventure now.

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