Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Change of Pace

Hey all,
Just messing around with formatting (again). I know, big sigh! But exciting news- MIRRORED TIME got sent off to the editor today. Which mostly means I have to finally let it out of my grasping, perfectionist, never completely happy hands.

Although if actual publishing is ever going to happen, this is a thing that needs to be. So goodbye manuscript, I await your return patiently. Soon you will be shiny and oh so pretty, and all the boys readers will love you!

When will MT be ready, you ask? Well... in the immortal words of Maximus' friend Juba: "Soon, but not yet."

And then I'll be all:

I think it's movie time, how bout you? I'll bring the popcorn. See ya soon [but not yet]!

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