Monday, May 12, 2014

Amazons, Greek Goddesses and Magic Rings, oh my!

Hey hotties,

How y'all doing? Okay, I have something share with you. Because you know what?

It's true!
Therefore, I care very much about your mental health. And I have to say, reading books is good for you.
Okay, maybe not reading this book.
But I do have an EXCELLENT series of books for you to read: They are good for your health and fantastically amazing!

Maybe the book series?
Introducing: Andrea Domanski's The Omega Group series. And right now there is not one, but TWO books in the series to read: Crossfire and Greco.

Crossfire introduces us to Mirissa, a seemingly normal teenage girl. Well, that is until she finds out she is an Amazon warrior and everyone is counting on her to save the world. No big deal, right?  Greco follows the story line: A delicious little teaser (until we get Rogue) that gives us more back story into Mirissa's deliciously hot trainer, Greco.

Domanski's characters are the right mix of serious, witty and spunky. They could fit in with Buffy's gang and not miss a bit. I love when a character can deal with life-threatening danger, then turn around and deliver a biting, hilarious one-liner. Domanski excels: Mirissa is just the heroine modern readers are looking for. She's funny, smart, and an amazing warrior. But most importantly, she is someone the reader can relate to and care for. The author's ability to mix action, humor and drama means the Omega Group series is a seriously fun read. I'm impatiently waiting for the next book. Come on, MORE PLEASE?

So take a look at this beautiful covers (designed by the talented Rebecca K. Sterling, who also created my fabulous cover). And then click on the links to go buy. And remember: comment. We self-published authors really need your comments and feed back- it opens a whole new world of promotional services to us. Plus, it makes us just love you even more!

Buy Crossfire here. And Greco here. Want to learn more about the fabulous author? Visit her site here.

Love you all! Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, this is fantastic. And I already read these amazing books, but now I want to read them again!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I really wanted to get it right :). Such a great book series definitely deserves a great review!