Friday, May 9, 2014

An Update

Hiiiii (Imagine it said in the solemn voice of Ross from Friends),

Just kidding. That was me yesterday. After a day battling evil internet goblins, trying to figure out how text went missing from my manuscript and trying to make 12 hour review periods go faster ... well, I was having a bit of a rough spot.

I mean I kept it pretty cool. You know ... waiting. 
Okay, maybe I was a tiny bit more impatient. Because I just wanted my book released. Maybe it was more like this.
FINE! You're right. I wasn't patient in the LEAST!!

That's probably way more accurate.

The truth is, I am definitely being taught a lesson in patience. And probably failing miserably. But I so want MIRRORED TIME to be out there, and I so want you all to enjoy it: It just broke my heart to think that A) I didn't live up to my promise of when it would be released and B) somehow a product got out there that wasn't 100% perfect.

Honestly? I need to learn something important, something I really should have grasped. I'm not perfect, I will never be perfect, and I should stop trying to be perfect. The said can be said for MT: I have put my heart and soul into this book, and I love the story. But perfect? Nooope. Although that's okay, because I can learn from my mistakes, and create even better novels in the future.

So where's the update? Right here. TL DR: I'm not going to post any links, or make any announcements about MT until I'm certain both the print and kindle copy are available and in as good as shape as I can make them. I'm fighting the urge to give you a date, but I don't want to make promises. Hopefully, early next week.

This is the part where I forgive myself for the mistake, promise next time I will be smarter with the book release, and move on. And I'm trying. I just love y'all too much and am way to excited to know what you think.

But I'll chill. Until then, stay tuned for some exciting book reviews of the lovely WWW ladies. First the Omega Series, and then Death Wishes. I promise I'll let you know when MT is ready to go.

Love you all!

For those of you who have already bought it: Chapter 5 may have some missing text (the bad version ends chapter five- "running down a narrow..."). If you have the bad kindle version this is your steps:

1) Ask to return it (Amazon gives you a 2 week period to return kindle books) and you will get a refund. Then, you can repurchase when the copy is fixed.
2) Email me at and I will send you the full chapter 5.
3) I am working with Amazon to update the kindle versions already bought to the new one (you just have to convince them, so it will take a while). When that happens, they will send out an email saying I've updated the content, or I will let you know.
4) ... throw a shoe at me?? (Please don't!)

Ok... this is where I let it go now. ;)


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