Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bacon and Carnivals

Hey lovelies,

Anyone have a new keyboard? I've been banging my head over and over into mine. Seems to have made it a bit spazzy. But this is what happens when I try to format a book for Createspace. Word is Satan, true story. Not sure what is up with the Header/Footer rules. Pretty sure you need an advanced degree in computer sciences to figure it out.

Anyway... I've been lucky enough to met the fabulous K. Kazul Wolf (or Bacon, if you prefer [who doesn't?]). She invited me to try out her weekly writing prompt challenge. My first reaction when I saw the tricky collection of prompts?

The rules are that her lovely followers give her prompts over the weekend, based around a certain theme (this week: Carnivals). She, and any fellow writers brave enough to try, gets until Friday to finish the lovely story, and up on the interwebs it goes.

What are this week's prompts? You might inquire.

◦    Man eating tiger - alaskapenn
◦    A fire-eater who’s afraid of fire. A narcoleptic tight-rope walker. - Joy Smith
◦    Flaming sword-swallower with Asperger’s syndrome. - Kelly Wolf
◦    ”Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.” and sentient carnival rides. - mjutini
◦    Eating corn dogs with unusual toppings and a house of mirrors with some kind of sentience of its own. - whymywriteriscrying
◦    A circus performer with a very mundane act who can’t figure out why no one will hire him for their circus. - Rosiee
◦    Ferris wheel accident. - primaryfeather
◦    My milkshake doesn’t bring any boys to the yard - queencoeurl
◦    An illusionist. A master illusionist who is so good at their job that they begin to fool themselves, and become increasingly afraid that reality is just another illusion. |  Orphan pickpockets (who work for the ringleader) and accidentally (indirectly) cause a death. - capriquarius18
◦    A high wire act goes wrong -circus elephants - everqueen12
◦    Candy, and Nicotine by P!atD - seastarved
◦ - telari
◦    Dancing under moonlight - lupanaoflaminar

Oh my...
Wish me luck, guys. With my failed successful day of formatting, I'm a bit behind. But hopefully Miss Wolf will forgive me. Pretty please?

You can find her awesome-fantastic stories for past weeks here. And her generally super entertaining website yonder and afar.

Love you all!!

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