Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sunny Rays, Lazy Days

Hey guys. A bit of an embarrassed wave from me, as I feel like I've been neglected this blog a teeny, tiny bit. But I promise I've been productive.

As you know, I'm lucky enough to be part of a wickedly talented group of writers, The WorldWiseWriters group. We decided to make it official and have just launched our new blog here! I greedily took over all the introductions, and I'm having such a fantastic time introducing these wonderful writers to ... THE WORLD (dramatic echo)! It's pretty flipping exciting!

The blog is still in it's baby stages, but I promise it's going to quickly become a happening place. We've got lots of great ideas to make it a super fun read. And with me there, I promise things will always be silly.

In other news, I'm really working on forcing myself to start Fractured Time. I'm a little terrified that the magic is somehow gone. As if whatever made me able to write the first book, has now abandoned me. But the only way to see if my Muse has stuck around, is to try my hand at writing again. So off I go. Open new Word document, save as FracturedTime.doc. And away I go.

Okay ... away I will go ... eventually ...

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