Wednesday, May 7, 2014

That moment you eat an entire loaf of bread ...

Hey loves!

I hope you had a quite marvelously frabjous day!

So, if you don't know me very well, let me tell you something about myself. I stress. A lot. Literally about everything. I'm that type of girl that stares at her ceiling at night, trying to sleep, but really obsessing about everything that happened during the day. "Why didn't I say that? That would have been so cute and funny. And ew ... did I really have spinach in my teeth all day? Omg, no one will ever love me!"

You think I'm joking. Which is sweet. Thanks for thinking I'm a nice, sane, normal person. But honestly, I've been known to stress about things that happened YEARS AGO. Like that "One Time," when I wore white pants on a field day in elementary school. Goal: Kick the football. Setting: muddy field. Outcome: Do I even need to say it? Man... I called my mom, on her way to a job interview, and cajoled and pleaded until she brought me new pants. So yeah, calm acceptance of life? Really not my thing.

Which is why this book release is killing me. Like ... "buying a Costco size batch of antacids and eating massive amounts of bread" killing me. Mostly because I so, so, SOOOOO want you all to love my book. And I really hope you do.

But here's the point: In my obsessive searching on Amazon to see if they've secretly released my book without telling me, one item keeps coming up. It's not my book. It has nothing to do with my book. Like... nothing to do with my book. 

Just the same, there it is.

A little elephant toy. And maybe it's silly, and you'll roll your eyes, but it helped me. My grandpa's favorite animal was an elephant and God knows, I wish I could have him here right now.

But maybe he's not as far away as I think. And that silly little woobly elephant somehow is calming my heartbeat, and letting me push that loaf of bread away. And letting me breath again.

So thanks, Amazon. For whatever silly search engine glitch that got me that little elephant. And thanks readers, for taking the time to scan my silly little blog post.

Love you all. And I promise I'll share my bread buy you a new loaf because this one's all gone.


  1. It's not a glitch, love! And your blog isn't silly; it rocks like ... a baby elephant toy on wheels. And bread is sooooooo good, I can't believe you ate it all, just as I was gonna share. AND your writing is superb. I can't wait for my greedy little hands to be clasped around my copy. OH! AND I'm excited to leave a review on because I know how important those reviews are for self-pubbers. :-)

    1. Next time I promise to share :). And thanks for such a lovely comment, I'm happy you enjoy my ramblings. Oops ... I guess I'm marketing them as 'musings,' aren't I? ;)