Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memory Lane

Hey loves!

Hope everyone has been having a lovely time in my absence. I've just been mooching around, trying to refill my artistic battery so I can get to work on the MT sequel (hello X-men: Days of Future Past). Have to say, there is another little plot bunny in the works, as of now tentatively titled Gods' Hollow. Right now I'd maybe pitch it as a Supernatural Romance, but it keeps morphing on me and wanting to change into something with decidedly more plot. We will see what happens with it. I love playing with different mythologies and while the Time Archivist series is, as of now, set in a more Greco-Roman world, I think GH would give me some more room to play.

Anyway, I found a post on tumblr the other day. Thought I would share.

Original post here.
It gets me thinking about how much time I have really wasted trying to convince myself to do something I don't love to do. And how unhappy, over the years, that it has made me. I'm not saying there is something wrong with a little fiscal responsibility: Obviously if you are going to be a writer, you won't make money overnight. But there is something freeing about the idea of really pursuing a dream.

If you really want something, than make the sacrifices to make it work. And I finally feel like this is advice I can give. There is little glamor in being a waitress with a law degree; every one looks at you like you're  a little bit crazy. But I'm starting to care less and less. There is nothing wrong with being a waitress, it has me paying the bills. And if it gives me the time to write and pursue this crazy little dream of mine, then I'm all for it. So I'll ask you a question: Would you like a refill on your soda? ;)

To end on a less serious note, although the video itself is a little serious, I thought I would share with you a fan video I put together right after college. I'm still inordinately pleased with it, even now. I think it's because it's a product of one of those times when I just let myself be who I am. The artistic, imaginative, and yes, a little silly, girl who just wants to tell her stories to the world.

Loves, JD.

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